Waxcrayon was founded in 2006 by Russell Ince, at the time the company specialised in magazine publishing and graphic design. Over the years the company established itself as a design and print specialist.

2013 saw a new chapter begin with the company turning its skills and experience to a new project, Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets. It was decided that given the company’s expertise and experience they would publish and take the book to market themselves, rather than follow the traditional routes in approaching established book publishers.

The result saw the soft launch of a paperback version of the book published in the run up to Christmas 2013. We toured the country, taking the book and its magical snowing stand around the UK in order to be able to study the marketplace and interact directly with buyers.

The book was an incredible success and sold out before Christmas arrived and receiving incredibly positive feedback with endless requests for a “hardback” version. The result of which was the full launch of the hardback version for Christmas 2014.

2014 saw Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets achieve massive success as word of the book spread across the UK, Ireland and the USA as the festive season approached. The book had sold out of its intended 2014 print run in mid September, which meant a second run had to be ordered quickly.

With both retailers and readers approaching us to ask “what else did we have for them?” 2015 saw the exciting launch of “The Naughty & Nice Year Glass Edition” of Santa Claus: the Book of Secrets and also the “Present From Santa Claus Wrapping Kit” which both sold out before Christmas.

2016 saw the launch of 3 new books; Santa Claus: The Annual which was the eagerly anticipated follow up to Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets and 2 new colouring book versions of both Santa Claus and Fairies: The Book of Secrets.

2017, has seen Waxcrayon expand into the US and international market. The first of Waxcrayon’s Christmas decoration range has also now been launched with new products already in development for 2018.