Fairies: The Book of Secrets

Fairies: The Book of Secrets will ensure in this modern age of technology, that the ancient tradition of family storytelling will prevail for generations to come.

In the following chapters the Fairies reveal the answers to questions that have puzzled man since the very beginning of time. Together as a family, uncover secrets that until now have remained a mystery for centuries.



















The Blurb From The Book

As the ancient guardians of Earth, the Fairies have decided to seek the help of Mankind in their quest to preserve the future of our planet. After centuries of myths and folk tales, the secrets of the Fairy Realm are finally to be revealed.

Who are the Fairies? What do they really look like? What magic do they possess? How can you communicate with Fairies? Where can you find them and why is it that they urgently need our help?

In this beautifully illustrated book, these and many more questions are answered by the Fairies themselves, as they finally reveal the secrets of their ancient knowledge and with it, the truth behind one of the world’s most enduring mysteries.

Look Inside The Book

How The Book Came To Be

When Russell’s little girl had just turned three, talk of Fairies was an everyday occurrence, as it most likely is in most households with young children. Russell had helped the Fairies build a Fairy house on a grassy mound in the garden a year or two before. So, it came as no shock one spring morning when his little girl came running in saying – “Mummy, Daddy the Fairies have left a present in the Fairy House.”

“Oh have they?” Russell calmly replied. “That’s nice of them.”

“Yes, yes, come and see,” she insisted eagerly.

When Santa Claus had visited and asked Russell to write “Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets”, he felt as though he had seen a magical event, the likes of which he would never see again in his lifetime. He was wrong!

They went down to the Fairy House and, sure enough, there sat upon the log table was the most beautiful book ever seen. After that fateful Christmas morning when Russell had found the letter and journal from Santa Claus, he knew this would be another life changing moment.

The Fairies had indeed left the book for him and inside they told of how impressed they had been with the help Russell had given Santa Claus in revealing his story to the world.

As the ancient guardians of our planet, the Fairies were witnessing it changing quicker than ever before. They observed that our entire existence was in great peril, unless something radical could be done to safeguard our future.

They hoped that by revealing the ancient Fairy knowledge contained within the book, it might be possible to bring Humans closer to the Fairy Realm once more. United, we might stand a chance of preserving this magical planet that we call home and prevent a period of perpetual darkness.

Read A Chapter – The Fairy Realm

In the simplest terms, the Fairy Realm is a parallel world that exists independently of your own, while occupying the same space.

To try to help you to understand this, let me explain further. Our world exists on a different vibrational frequency, or wavelength, to your own – much the same as when you tune into different television stations. There are hundreds of programmes whizzing around your television set all of the time. You can only watch one at a time though and which one you see depends upon which you choose to tune into. It is the same with the Human Realm and the Fairy Realm; we are just two of the many worlds that, whilst separate, are always floating together in the air.

You might not be aware that all over the world there is a network of hidden natural power lines that criss-cross the globe, linking a huge web of sacred, magical sites. These sites are where you will often find doorways, or portals, that enable travel between our realms. These magical doorways are not closed to Humans as such, they just require a view of the world and a way of thinking that has long been lost to most of you.

Whilst we, of course, are aware of the locations of each of these magical portals, it is not yet safe for us to reveal them to you. We fear that if we were to do so, they may attract the wrong kind of attention. You might wish to discover the location of these doorways for yourselves and maybe catch a glimpse of us as we pass back and forth. The truth is, you may walk past one everyday or even play near one in your garden. In order for you to see the doorways, you must prove yourself to be worthy and of a pure heart.

The only advice that we can offer is listen to your heart; it will rarely lead you astray. If a place feels magical, then it most likely is. The more you listen, the more you will hear.