How He Knows Who’s Naughty & Nice

Many centuries ago, when it was decided that only those children who were good would be rewarded with a visit from Santa Claus, the problem arose of how to keep a track of every child’s behaviour.

The Elves set about solving this problem with a little of their magic. When each child is born they are given their own pigeon hole in the Hall of Records at the North Pole. In their pigeon hole is a Year Glass made with Elven magic and tuned to each child at birth. Throughout their lives, every time a child does something good the sand grains move over to the nice side and every time they do something bad, sand travels over to the naughty side. Each year when it is time to produce the lists of naughty and nice children, those with more sand on the nice side of the Year Glass go on the nice list and those with more sand on the naughty, go on the naughty list.

The year glass is a replica of your child’s from the Hall of Records at the North Pole. Use the Year Glass to monitor their Naughty and Nice balance and ensure their name appears on the nice list.

How The Naughty & Nice Year Glass Works

Naughty & Nice Year Glass Video