Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets

Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets will ensure in this modern age of technology, that the ancient tradition of family storytelling will prevail for generations to come.

Santa Claus explains in his own words the ancient secrets behind his involvement in Christmas in the following chapters:



















The Blurb From The Book

After centuries of closely guarding ancient secrets, Santa Claus has decided that the time has come to share the magical mysteries behind Christmas. All of the miraculous happenings that contribute towards making Christmas the most remarkable time of the year are finally to be revealed to the world.

Who is Santa Claus and how did he first get his job? What does he really look like? Who are the Elves and what magic do they possess? How do they keep track of which children are naughty and which are nice?

How does Santa get inside our houses each Christmas Eve and how can he fly around the entire planet in just one night?

In this beautifully illustrated Santa Claus book, these and many more questions are answered by Santa Claus himself, as he finally decides to unlock the startling truth behind one of the world’s most marvelous mysteries…Christmas.

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How The Book Came To Be

In 2012, Russell became a father and on Christmas day, after waking his little daughter for her first ever Christmas, arrived downstairs to quite a surprise. There resting on the mantelpiece above the fire, was a beautifully wrapped gift with an envelope resting by its side. He assumed it was a present from his wife, placed there as a Christmas surprise.

Upon picking up the letter, he soon realized that it was something very special. The beautifully scribed writing, the embossed red wax seal, his mind began to race with excitement. Could it be? Yes, it was. A letter from Santa Claus. In the letter he told of how he could see that the modern world was changing so fast.

The arrival of new things, such as; the Internet and films, meant that children now had access to so much information that he was worried the real truth about Christmas might be lost forever.

As such, he had left a journal containing knowledge that had remained a closely guarded secret for centuries. He said that, as an illustrator and writer who kept Christmas alive in his heart all year round, Russell would know what to do with it and as such, help spread the truth about Christmas to the children of the world.

So, Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets was born containing the truth behind one of the world’s oldest and greatest mysteries, in the words of Santa Claus himself.

Read A Chapter – Toys & Gifts

Despite all the years that have passed since I was fortunate enough to become Santa Claus, I still consider myself, at heart, to be a toymaker.

When I first began delivering presents and gifts, many centuries ago, the inhabited world was a much smaller place, with nowhere near the number of children that there are today. For centuries the children of the world were delighted by toys and games made from colourfully painted wood and soft fabrics. Providing endless entertainment, these simple toys, when combined with a little imagination, enabled the exploration of the furthest realms of possibility.

Today, the world is almost unrecognisable to that of yesteryear. Technology has achieved heights that I could never have foreseen; computers, games consoles and remote control toys all lead today’s market. Whilst the toys of years-gone-by may appear to be completely different to the electronic masterpieces of nowadays, they are still, essentially, the same thing.

They provide endless hours of fun and laughter to children, enabling their imaginations to carry them away on adventures that know no bounds.

So, how does toy making actually work? Well, you may be surprised to know that nearly all toys made in the world start their lives here, at the North Pole. The Elves have always been the greatest of  inventors and that is still the case today. However, it is not possible to produce enough toys for every child in the world without help. Each of the major toy manufacturers has at least one very important staff member who is an official helper of Santa Claus.

In return for helping with the sourcing of materials and creation of components, toy companies are allowed to put Elven designs into production and sell them all year round. Making enough toys for the whole world to buy throughout the year would be very difficult to do from the North Pole alone. By working together, we can make the best quality toys for the largest number of children and, in doing so, make sure that I am able to complete my rounds on Christmas Eve.

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